Civilizations that emerged thousands of years ago in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation through jewelry design... Inspired by this mystical geography where the foundations of world heritage were laid, “Roots” portrays a story in which we return to our core, our essence. Reinterpreting the art of filigree, a form of craftsmanship born in the ancient city of Mardin, overlooking the Mesopotamian plains, our first collection “Roots” comes to life as the first story Assur has to tell. These ancient lands where civilizations emerged, different faiths and cultures flourished, and fairytales circulated draw attention with their fascinating past and unique heritage.

Our first collection, in which we embroider the cultural and artistic motifs left behind by civilizations that have come and gone in the form of jewelry, portrays symbols from ancient mythology as well as extraordinary forms offered by nature. Revisiting Mesopotamia, a geography that overflows with inspiration, with “Roots”, we return back to our abundant history and take a journey into the past while presenting our cultural heritage to the present world. Exploring an enchanting universe through design, each piece we create are meticulously shaped with techniques from centuries ago by talented craftsmen.

Inviting everyone to discover the history, art, culture, and idiosyncratic essence of Mesopotamia, we aim to create and inspire with our first collection “Roots”, introducing the fairy-tales of these magnificent lands into our daily lives...

- Assur