About Us / Our Story

Thriving between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the ancient region of Mesopotamia stands as a mystical geography that carries traces from civilizations that have called these prosperous soils home over 4,000 years ago. Hosting ancient empires for centuries, Mesopotamia has witnessed the birth of civilization with its unified cultural identity.

This fascinatingly rich blend of cultures has become our muse, shaping and inspiring Assur’s design journey. Narrating the enchanting energy of Mesopotamia through jewelry design, Assur revives the ancient art of filigree while introducing a modern touch. Formed in Istanbul in 2023, designs crafted by Assur come to life in Mardin, where the ancient spirit of Mesopotamia has been preserved and where thousands of years of history and architecture are visible in every corner. Carrying the power to take us on a historical journey back in time, each design by Assur is meticulously handcrafted by skillful craftsmen from Mardin, with traditional techniques that date back to 5000 years ago. Taking a stance against modern day consumption habits, Assur reinterprets the precious art of filigree, giving life to pieces that each have their own unique style.

Designed for everyone who is willing to express themselves through their accessories, Assur enables talented craftsmen who transform mythological and natural symbols into eye-catching accessories with the art of filigree to earn a fair income.

Reflecting our abundant heritage through design, we strive to keep our magnificent culture alive while transferring it to future generations and presenting it to the rest of the world by incorporating the spirit and forms of ancient Mesopotamia into the age we live in.

— Assur